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MASC assists all men, young and old, in becoming the best version of themselves.

We champion a modern understanding of masculinity, challenging old fashioned and damaging ideas.

MASC exists to help males successfully navigate what fate throws their way, thereby enabling their success.

In the process of learning how to be ‘man enough’, many men lose or fail to develop emotional literacy and relationship skills.

We offer a safe and confidential space for sharing personal struggles so men can have a transformative experience.

Struggling to understand the man in your life?

Men can be tricky creatures to understand, we’re frequently raised to believe that expressing emotions is ‘unmanly’ and so when we try to face them or understand them better, we can become frustrated.

It’s not our fault and it’s certainly not your fault.

Men Aged 13 – 113

Conventional wisdom suggests that the earlier males learn to foster healthier thoughts, the healthier they are as adults.

Our specialist counsellors agree and work with males as young as 13 to equip them with the skills necessary to increase their self-awareness to produce healthier outcomes. 

Make an appointment

We understand that seeking counselling can be anxiety provoking and at times complicated. It can be hard to find a therapist; in particular, a male therapist if that’s your preference. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, 3 male therapists under one roof.

If you are wanting to set up an appointment with one of our providers, the easiest way is to click the “Make an Appointment” link on our website. Enter your name or name of the person who will be receiving services, an email address and a brief message. We’ll follow up with you via email with a link to our confidential client portal where you will complete our intake packet and provide requested information.

Health Insurance

Our therapists accept and bill health insurance companies.

We work with BF&M and CG Insurance. Active duty uniform officers are fully covered under their insurance plan. Most health insurance companies limit the number of sessions which will be fully or partially reimbursed in a calendar year. Clients are encouraged to communicate directly with your insurance company about such limitations before starting treatment at which time you can inquire about coverage.


Initial Client Session $460.00

45 minute Individual Counselling $300 per session

GUYS are different

Men young and old, have different ways of doing things.

We don’t always feel comfortable opening up about our emotions and some of us just don’t know how. 

There are fundamental differences between men and women that make it very difficult for most of us to process emotions in the same way.

We are socialized differently from birth, which leads to a whole host of different expectations and responsibilities; not to mention an entirely different physiology. It wasn’t that long ago we were hunting saber tooth tigers.

The Male mind

Like an engine on a bike, the male mind requires ongoing maintenance and the occasional repair job. Grit and grime from rough roads build up over time and needs cleaning out to avoid breaking down.

A man has no control over how rough the road is, but he can control how often and how well he maintains his engine.

Regular tune ups can go a long way to preventing chronic problems, if you want to ensure continued efficiency and power, you need to invest in maintenance and inspection.

Fortunately for you, we won’t have to perform a major overhaul to return you to optimal performance.

What is Counselling for guys like?

Counselling at MASC is like talking with a friend in your living room. Only this friend really knows what he’s talking about and will help guide you in your decisions utilizing theory and not just tell you what you want to hear. We’re here to be a resource while we walk you through the process of addressing your probelms in a safe, non-judgemental environment. It’s counselling designed specifically for guys and their ‘stuff’, by guys who’ve experienced a lot of the same ‘stuff’. 

what kind of men go to counselling?

All kinds of men go to counselling, from white collar workers to blue collar workers, from college to highschool and from 13 to 113. From married men to guys who are dating seek counselling; even those who are single. Guys who are struggling with addiction, infidelity, communcation issues and everything in between. Guys just like you, so if you’re a guy, we work with you.  



MASC offers a variety of counselling services as well as resources for the friends and families of our islands men, young and old alike. 

Individual Counselling

Is one-on-one counselling between a client and a trained therapist in a safe, caring and confidential environment.

Group Counselling

A form of talk therapy where a small group of clients with similar issues or concerns meet weekly as a group to talk, interact and discuss problems with each other and a therapist.

Support Groups

A group of males with a common problem, usually meeting weekly to express feelings, vent frustrations, and explore effective coping strategies.

Virtual Services

We offer a number of our counselling services via our online video conferencing portal.

This allows our members to get the quality guidance they deserve whilst remaining socially distant.

Educational Services

An interactive session that occurs once monthly where a subject matter expert provides information relevant to the attendees i.e. legal matters, child support issues, nutrition, physical health, etc.

What is Counselling?

A talking therapy in a safe space that involves talking with a trained therapist about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours as they guide you to positive change.

Is counselling for males different?

Yes. Counselling is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual, right down to their gender. Ultimately, finding a therapist you’re comfortable being open and honest with is far more important than mulling over his or her gender.

Signs the male mind requires a service:

Blowing your gasket?

Nobody looks good when they lose their cool, whether verbally or physically. A man knows that being able to remain in control is the sign of power over oneself.

Not being in control of your emotions is dangerous not only to your own health, but to the mental, emotional and physical health of those around you.

If you have raised your voice or your fists, get in touch, we can help you control these potentially dangerous outbursts.

Alcohol Fluid INtake rising?

An increase in the use of alcohol or drugs, yeah even the green ones, can be a strong indicator that your brain is trying to ignore things that it doesn’t want to deal with.

We deal with this all the time, get in touch and we’ll show you how to get off the booze and cut back on your ‘greens’.

Finding it  hard to Keep going?

Thoughts of suicide are common amongst men. However briefly you get ’em, they’re an indication that your minds struggling to cope with the stress of your life at this moment.

Get on the Red Line and talk to us today, we’ve got your back, you’ll get through this.

Having trouble switching off?

For some of us, we can’t get enough sleep, for others, it’s all we seem to do. Your sleep patterns reveal a great deal about what condition your mind is in. If you are struggling to get out of bed and/or finding it hard to get to sleep, these are signs that your mind is in need of a clean out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn't men keep their feelings to themselves?

This is a myth that has been instilled in male culture since the Jurassic Period, but that doesn't make it true. In reality, it's very important for guys to talk about their feelings, because keeping them bottled up only makes them worse. It's time men start sharing their feelings with their friends and family members.


There's nothing inherently wrong with the personality or character of a person who dies by suicide. However, 90% of the time, there is an underlying sickness in the brain. And, like any organ, such as the heart, liver or kidneys, when the brain gets sick too often, it can lead to some life-threatening consequences.


As you know, men are the ultimate do-it-themselvers. So, it's only natural that many of them believe they can fix their emotional, behavioral and mental problems themselves. With mental disorders like depression and anxiety, trying to fix them without professional assistance is like trying to heal a broken femur without a surgeon.


Unfortunately, it's not that easy. While medication can play an important role in treating depression, it's important that you combine medication with professional treatment from a real man therapist.


It's commonly believed that doing these activities (called catharsis) is a good way to prevent anger from boiling over. Unfortunately, it is not true. Studies show that people who release anger in this violent manner actually begin to associate anger with violence and become even more aggressive. If you are feeling angry, it's best to take a 5-minute timeout and let your anger pass.


Unlike other temptations, such as chocolate cake and Internet porn, alcohol and drugs are different kinds of temptresses. They can actually cause significant changes in the brain that lead to dependency.


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